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Ojibo is focused for end to end advertising services to web/mobile owners. We have crafted several plans to meet your requirements and suit your budget. At every level our plan is to provide you maximum ROI, so that you can use every bit of your advertisement.

Ojibo is a free web based directory for most popular categories over the web. Any business owner or individual who has developed their own app and looking for a right platform for marketing purposes, can use Ojibo as their effective marketing and promotional tool. There are plenty of inexpensive options for every level of applications right from an individual app to a vast business app.

Apart from free listing on our advanced web based directory we also provide several paid options which can provide you plenty of subscribers.

Advertising plans at Ojibo are given below for your use

1. Sponsored Category Listing

Sponsored category is one of the most important categories on Ojibo. As we provide free listing facility for business owners and individuals, we also provide sponsored apps section on top of the directory.
For example someone looking for Accounting Software will go to the category Accounting Software and see the apps listed there. But on the top of the page he will see the sponsored category. As of now we are planning to show 10 apps on the home page of Ojibo and 10 apps per category.

You can see the sponsored category page of homepage. It will look like the above. Similarly every category will include a sponsored section and an app owner can list their projects there.
Payment Plans to get your app listed on the sponsored category-

In our long experience we have understood clearly that PPC simply sucks and you can’t be strict to a ROI. It will change drastically every time. Hence the first challenge Ojibo addresses – Say bye bye to PPC and a uniform monthly plan. No tension of setting budgets and tracking its effectiveness. Just bid a monthly cost and we will do the rest. Here is our simple plan.
Place your monthly bid latest by the second last day of the earlier month. On the same day you will get a final list of bidders who have been selected for the next month. A final chance will also be given to you to place your updated bid looking into current status.

For example if you want to get your app listed for a category for the month of December then you have to place your bid by the 29th November. On the very same day you will get a list of final bidders who have been selected. You can update your bids to get a higher position if you want. On last day of the month Ojibo will send you an invoice for payment through paypal. On receipt of your payment your app will be listed under sponsored category for a month.

Our monthly bid for category – sponsored apps section starts from 25$(+4% paypal taxes) per month.

Our monthly bid for desktop – sponsored apps section starts from 50$(+4% paypal taxes) per month.

Home Page Advertising Options-

Ads on Slider

You can promote your app through a slider of Ojibo homepage. One of the most attractive ways to promote your app and events related to app. Not more than 5 apps will be promoted through sliders simultaneously. No two apps from the same category. Place your bid. Bids start from $150 per month.

Ad on the Top Right Panel of the Home page
You can also advertise your app on announce events such as – new app, new release, new features or achievements etc. through highest accessible place on the website. Let us know your bid. Here bid starts from $200 per month.

Ads on home page right panel
Place your monthly bid for the ad spaces. It simply starts from $50 per month.

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